I should probably do that introduction thing

Personal Posts

I realise my first post on here was rather abrupt and very TMI so I have decided to do a bit of a rewind and do that thing were I formally introduce myself and create a schedule for my writing and such.
Okay, so, here we go I guess.
Hi, my names Toby Jose Medeiros, I’m an artist first and a writer second. I have a deep love of commas so I need to break my dependency on them and I plan on doing that by working on my writing in general. While on the topic of writing more; I’m going to try and update here every day with some sort of writing. The writing I’ll be updating on here will vary in style depending on the day. I’m thinking about doing Movie reviews on Mondays, Trans journal on Tuesdays, Art Studio blogs on Wednesdays,  Creative writing Thursdays, Ranting Fridays, and then maybe taking the weekends off from writing. I don’t really know for sure though, I’ll figure it out. Oh look at that! more commas! Maybe we should start a comma count?
Alrighty-roo! Let’s get back to whats important here….me. Y’all will eventually get used to my terrible conceited humour.
I also love to write in the same way that I form spoken words. What does that mean? It means even more commas…that’s what it means. To be honest it just means that I will be writing my  blogs like I’m actually just sitting down having a face to face conversation with you. Once again y’all will get use to it.
Ho hum, what else? Oh yes! My grammars less than favourable but then again that’s why I am doing this blog. The more I write the better my grammar will get. That’s the theory at least so we shall see.
Let’s not dwell on the business and move on to the fun part! A bit about me as a person.
You guys can call me Toby (I actually prefer that to be honest) but I go by either Tea-Em or Toblyawesome on most other social networking sites. Links will be provided somewhere here on the site for your eye ball area viewing pleasure. I’m a huge comic book fan so expect a lot of allusions in reference to that in my blog entries. I actually want to eventually write and illustrate my own comic stories but I do realise I’ll need to be someones bitch for many years before that happens.
I’m just going to go ahead and wrap this up before I just start droning on and on. I’ll do my first Studio blog tomorrow, so till then, you guys hang tight and I hope you’ll enjoy whatever I have to offer!
Stay Tobly awesome!

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