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Studio Blogs

I’m sitting here with my two grown ass male friends singing Taylor Swift, eating various unhealthy foods and guzzling energy drinks. This is the studio.
Okay, so maybe I should actually tell you what I do at the studio and what the studio actually is. Very quickly, the studio is just a place where my friends and i go to draw things that are artwork. Technically it’s a movie studio we all work for every now and then but we also use it to hang out and work every Wednesday. Moving on to the actual studio blog itself!


The day started with a small anatomy tutorial from our friend and teacher Maddsketch. He taught us how arm things move and stuff. I’m going to use this opportunity to plug his artwork


He has this awesome semi-cartoon style he uses for his comedic work and I love it very very much. You can kind of see the beginnings of a man’s sexy man chest there on the side. I’ll also mention that you guys should totally check out our official studio “Studio DYV”.
Okay plugging done! Back to our regularly scheduled programme.
After the short lesson we just kind of drew and ranted about how the young people of our generation are given a bad wrap and often labeled as lazy when really we’re just living off the scraps of the previous generation. Maybe I’ll make that my Friday rant for you guys. Either way we had a jolly good time bitching and fueling each others rage. Further fueling our rage? Mcdonalds! Our signature studio food. You all will learn about our love but mostly hate relationship with the crack-like fast food chain we all know and….well I don’t know anyone who actually “loves” Mcdonalds.
I’ve been really ill for the past few days so my huge meal of disgustingly greasy big macs was the first thing I’ve eaten in two days and it was a terrigreat idea.
Through the fast food coma and the buzz of the energy drinks I did manage to sketch out one complete idea


Thinking of fixing this one up and making a mini print out of it. I’ve always enjoyed Princess Peach as a character, there is just something about her girly nature that I find so endearing. Then again…I really like girls who are super girly so I guess that does make a hell of a lot of sense after all.
Since then I’ve been working on a young avengers sketch seeing as I really don’t draw my favourite Marvel team enough. I won’t bore you guys with more details then that at this moment in time though.
Hokay! I’m going to get my ass back to work and finish up these drawings here.
Stay Tobly awesome you guys!!


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