Suppose to be a Rant blog but…

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I wanted to write an angry rant to kick things off for my ranting Friday entries but to be honest, for once, I’m not in an angry mood. Now that’s not to say that I am a miserable, negative person who’s absolutely horrid to be around. I’m just the kind of guy who likes the feeling of hating things and I am willing to admit that. I’m generally a very smiley person, I just love to hate things. Gives me the warm fuzzies in my emotions feeler.
So what am I going to talk about? Well first off I’d like to say hello and welcome to all my new readers and let them know I appreciate their attentions. It’s nice to know that my creative writing has got some people following my work. Now I want to take this opportunity to talk about about my current short story project ‘The Horse Farm’. Growing up my Aunt Diane and Uncle Rick owned a farm that bordered race horses. I loved horses growing up and I still do to this day and I’ve always seen them as these beautifully innocent creatures. I always wanted to include them in my work whether it be my writing or my artwork but I have never cared much for wildlife artwork and there are so many stories out there that already talk about average teens chilling with horses. It was only recently that I realised how much I love horror and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I could write a horror story and have horses in it! Holy shit I’m a genius! Move over Einstein.
In all seriousness though I am happy that I get to share this project with all of you and I can’t wait to give you guys part two on Thursday, it’s going to be really hard to resist posting it before then but I am trying really hard to stick to my schedule.  That’s all I have to say for today and I’m sorry I cheated and didn’t post a rant! I’ll try to keep my rage till next Friday.
I won’t be posting unless I have something to say over the weekend but join me again Monday for my first Movie review Mondays for the zombie drama Contracted!
Till then guys, stay tobly awesome!

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