Movie Review Mondays: Contracted

Movie Reviews

Directed by Eric England
When I first looked up the description for Contracted I’ll admit I was more than sceptical. It just looked like one of those movies that use lesbian characters to sex up the plot line, maybe I am getting ahead of myself here. Rewind.
Contracted is a Zombie drama about a lesbian chick named Sam who gets date raped at a party and ends up ‘Contracting’ what she initially thinks is an STD. I read the original description and, as I said before, I wasn’t too excited to actually watch this movie and figured I’d put it on in the background as I finished up a few commissions. About five minutes into the movie I was beginning to regret my early judgement.
Let me break it down for you guys. The representation of a lesbian relationship within the storyline was not in the least bit sexualized. I was so impressed by the way they wrote the lesbian couple like they would have written any straight couple in this sort of scenario. In fact, the couple seems to be going through some sort of relationship “break” so we don’t even see an over acted sex scene between them! That alone really made me feel all fuzzy and happy time. Moving on to the actual plot and such.
The movie spends very little time on “graaaaaaAAAaah I’ma zombay!! Lemme eat cho brains!” and more time developing the character of this poor chick Sam and her friends around her. Sam has absolutely no fucking clue whats happening to her and she is flipping out and trying to get some answers from her doctor. Her doctor, by the way, leads Sam to believe it’s probably an STD on account of the unprotected rape sex.
I read a few reviews saying that the movie relied to much on the “ick” factor but I would have to say I strongly disagree. I found that the amount of gross rotting disease symptoms was moderate and suited the flow of the film quite nicely. I didn’t really find the movie gross at all, then again you are looking at a guy who got bored of Human Centipede so…. maybe you shouldn’t listen to me.
One more thing! The main actress was really awesome. Her name was Najarra Townsend and she kind of reminded me of Kristen Stewart. Not Twilight Kristen Stewart but Speak Kristen Stewart, very very big difference I can assure you. Najarra has this facial expression she does that just makes her look like a kicked puppy and you can’t help but want to pat her on the head and tell her everything is going to be okay….even if her vagoo does end up rotting off.
In conclusion- I feel like I’m back in high school when I use that transition- Contracted is good if you’re looking for a solid drama but ranks in at beside Casper the friendly ghost on the horror scale. I would give this movie a 4 out of 5 stars for sure.
If any of you want to watch it Contracted is currently available to all Canadian Netflix members.
Well that’s it for today guys. Thanks for reading and remember to stay Tobly awesome!

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