Trans Tuesday Entry 1

Personal Posts

Here begins my Tuesday Transgender journals, a way for me to document my transition from my birth gender to my true gender. At the moment I am pre-op and pre HRT and I am undergoing counselling by request of my parents…which definitely puts a huge wrench in my plans but it’s helping them cope so it’s worth it if it maintains my relationship with them.
This basically catches everyone up to speed with where I’m at right now in my process so I’ll just move on. As per usual I went to see my totally awesome silver fox of a therapist the other day and the session went really well as it usually does. Nothing ever really goes wrong or strange anyway seeing as I already have a pretty good sense of what I want. He did ask me to write down 5 future goals for my next session so I guess I should be thinking about those. I admit that stuff like that makes me feel like I’m back in high school. I remember I had to do something similar to that when I got help for a previous anxiety problem- oh such fun! It’s great feeling too socially awkward to take the bus! ha ha ha ha?- so I’m pretty use to the whole therapy homework song and dance.
The only real remarkable thing was coming home to ask my mom if she could maybe start referring to me as “Tea”, an androgynous nickname that wouldn’t offend either of us, she obviously said no to that but one day she might ease into it. I’m a very patient guy when it comes to the people I love so I’m willing to put in the time to wait if it means that I can keep them. To a reasonable extent of course. I’m not going to completely crucify myself for their sake if they aren’t willing to eventually try.
I don’t want these entries to be too long seeing as I don’t want to bore my readers with miniscule details. I don’t want people to think my every breathing moment is about being Transgender, if anything I keep it far from my mind most of the time. I am myself as an individual first and foremost. On my hierarchy of what makes me, me being Trans is very close to the bottom of the list. I really want you all as readers to really understand that as I type this I am relaxing in my living room, drinking tea and being a normal boring human being like the rest of you….Unless you happen to be a skydiving, femme fatale philanthropist with a taste for danger and hard liquor, then I am nothing like you at all and I think your bat-shit insane for jumping from a plane.
With that I will bring this short entry to a close.
Stay Tobly awesome!

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