Studio Blog Take Two!

Studio Blogs

Here we are again, Wednesday, Studio day. The day of the studio. Also just decided with my bro Alvaro that farts will now be referred to as “Butt Burps”…Sorry you guys didn’t need to know that.
Let me start by saying that I am the luckiest guy in the world because I literally have the best job ever. I spent all day today manning the MoCap station for today’s motion capture shoot for an upcoming MMORPG. I can’t tell you guys anymore due to leaks and such. I feel god damn official! Now although I can’t tell you all what game I’m working on I can show you pics of the shoot and such as long as they give nothing away plus I can tell you a bit more about my day. Grab a tea you guys cause this might be a long entry.
My day started early in the morning and we set up with our amazing Stunt man Justin, who is massive by the way! He was such a damn trooped and put so much effort and crazy work forward and it was absolutely amazing working with him. I’m done complementing him though, promise. The clients came in an hour later and we hit the ground running! Fighting stunts, rigging stunts, running, special attacks, and character idles. It was amazing to watch the actor and director work together to create this imaginary character.


I couldn’t really take a picture of our boy in motion but here is a shot of our studio space that we use for filming. The little lights that you see below the balcony are the MoCap cameras and to be honest they look like tiny ghetto Glados’ from Portal. My Friend and Mentor MaddSketch and I want to to a stupid short film involving them. Not sure if we will have time to though!


I feel like a little boy doing show and tell here. This picture here is my screen setup for the Motion Capture. I know I already said this but I am so lucky to have this job cause it is brilliant being able to work doing something you’re passionate about. I’m going to take this opportunity to give you all a bit of advice. I may be young but I think I have some pretty good ideas regarding leading a happy life. My number one piece of advice is to do what makes you happy. I know it’s been said a million times before but just hear me out.
You only have one life to live and I don’t think a lot of people really let that sink in to it’s full extent. You have people who work every waking moment of their day making money to have all the things they’ve been told that they want from life and ending up miserable. Whats the point in that? Why even bother? In my eyes that’s a huge waste of your life. Art may not always pay well but I love every second that I spend working and now I’ve found another field that I enjoy equally as much. I look forward to coming into work every morning and I don’t go home feeling drained or stressed at the end of the day. I can only hope that this job lasts and becomes permanent for a while. I think that’s worth never being able to buy a house with two and a half bathrooms. Will Smith had it right you guys, what do you do with half a bathroom anyway?
Now if you all don’t mind I’m going to transition awkwardly  back into talking about my day.
After filming for the day MaddSketch invited us to go to his brothers place for dinner, which was amazing after a long day at the studio. That’s not why I’m bringing this up though.


This little guy in Madds arms! His name is Jason and he is the most amazing kid I have ever met. He’s smart, funny, and he’s already all up on the ladies when he goes to that park. This boy has his priorities straight people. Take notes.
I have so much more I really do want to talk about but I have a bunch of drawings that are staring at me begging to be taken care of so I should probably get some drawing done.


Weekly Selfie! This week featuring tasty, tasty green tea courtesy of my bro!
Till next time guys, stay Tobly awesome.

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