Trans Tuesday Entry 2

Personal Posts

Yet another entry late in the day/ early in the evening. I told myself I would update earlier today but I was brought to a meeting with Madd, so here I am at Tim Hortons typing this up last second. Sorry, I’m a loser who can’t manage his time.
I wanted to talk to you all today about the struggles of binding. I’ll say that I am thankful I was never very well endowed to begin with so binding for me has always been easier then it is for my larger chested brothers in arms. Overall I do have a smaller frame which is both a blessing and a curse because that means even men’s small dress shirt looks a bit big on me and it forces me reluctantly into the boys section. I also would prefer to wear shirts that are more form fitting but my figure would give me away if I did. Suppose you could say my “hips don’t lie”….I apologise, that was a terrible joke…I don’t even really like Shakira.
My biggest issue from day to day would have to be the one issue all Trans* boys have;
“Does this shirt make me look flat?”
I’m a huge fan of shirts with crazy fuckin’ designs and I have one shirt that I can’t wear because of it’s horizontal pattern. Horizontal patterns are not your friends if you’re trying to bind your chest. They can and will emphasise your chest and it makes me very displeased.
It’s especially hard finding a shirt to wear when your good binders are in the wash. I don’t know about any other FTM’s but I am terrible at aligning my washing day with my amount of binders. I always end up fucking myself over at least once every other month and have to spend a day in my shitty back up binder that does very little to flatten me out and I just end up having to wear a baggy shirt and looking like a frumpy lesbian. Go me. Hopefully I’ll stop being a jackass and actually start paying attention to my laundry.
I also need to invest in a packer soon times but I feel as though that might be a subject best discussed once I actually consult my older trans friend about what one is best for me and where to buy one. I still live with my parents, until October at least, so I want to avoid online purchases for privacy sake seeing as I work a lot of hours away from home. Last thing I need is my mom opening my packages and finding a fake penis, really not an event she is ready to handle.
But back to the chest things.
I want to take this opportunity to reach out to anyone and provide binding advice for anyone that needs it. I’ve been binding for a while now and I know several online stores and affordable brands that I could pass down to you all as well as ways of home binding that won’t kill you. You really have to be careful when binding due to constriction on your chest. I know it’s been said before but I really want to repeat this seeing as it’s very important, Do NOT use ace bandages! I cannot emphasise this enough for everyone. It’s dangerous and you could end up hurting yourself. This isn’t just for Trans boys either, anyone girl who wants to Crossplay please don’t do this. I’ve seen so many Crossplay tutorials that suggest both duct tape and ace bandages to aid in binding. Many cons take place in the summer and it’s dangerous to be constricting your rib cage area in the heat, underneath whatever costume you’re wearing. Please girls be careful, it’s not just us Trans boys that need to practice safe binding.
Well, I’m done for the day! I’ve zoned out of the meeting for long enough now and I should probably stop pretending to be busy and actually be social.
See you all tomorrow for the Studio Blog, till then stay Tobly awesome!

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