Studio Blog Take 2

Studio Blogs

I think that late blog entries are just a thing with me. Spent all day at the studio today doing motion capture clean up with Maddsketch whilst Alvaro Cruz drew. It was a pretty sweet day all in all and I am really starting to get a hang of how the Vicon Blade works and how to clean up the markers and such. That’s not all that interesting for you guys though, just a bunch of technical stuff that even I’m still trying to understand.
The coolest thing about today is right now, this very moment. I watch a lot of movies and I’ve heard one say something about life being made up of a series of perfect moments.  I really believe that to be true, it’s just I’ve thrown in my own little bit about those moments being held together by a glue made of bullshit. I’m just a cynic though and I have a skewed view of the world  so  maybe I’m being a douche bag about that last bit. Back to why today is awesome though.


I’m sitting here at Frans with two of my favourite people and drinking a classy fucking smoothie. This is a perfect moment you guys. I’m an admitted workaholic so being able to get work done, eat awesome food and chill with awesome people just makes for the perfect night for me. If by chance any of you guys live in Toronto and haven’t been to a Frans then I am very disappointed. Best. Diner. Ever!
Also Lego House by the silver tongued he-siren Ed Sheeran is on so that pretty much makes my brain do happy back flips. Things just keep coming up Milhouse tonight.
I’m behind on my daily doodles over on my tumblr, shameless plug, so I need to go beast mode tonight and draw a bunch of sketches to clean up later.  I’ve been working at the studio everyday this week so I haven’t had much of an opportunity to get some colouring stuff done, that’s what tonights for though I guess. I like this whole 9-5 thing I have going at the moment but it has been cutting into my drawing time, I have to start making up for that at night now.
Speaking of drawing though I should get back to it. I have a schedule of posting both original work and fan art on alternating days of the week and at the moment the amount of original work sketches out weighs the fan art sketches so I need to fix that. Maybe I’ll draw some Tiger and Bunny, one day I’ll blab to you guys about how much I love that anime but alas today shall not be that day.
I’m off to do something productive, till tomorrow you guys stay Toblyawesome.
I’ll be wrapping up The Horse Farm with this next post so be ready for a whole new short story next week!
Weekly selfie


Featuring Frans!
Edit: Totally thought this uploaded last night but the internet at Frans laughed at me and said no…..

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