Trans Tuesday Entry 3

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I would go into a long ass blog about something in depth and personal but my girlfriend is here being adorable and girlfriendy so I’m going to make this short so I can spend more time with her.
I was supposed to go see my therapist yesterday but he cancelled due to sickness so that was pretty blah but that’s all good. I’m super lucky have a therapist like the one I have, he is literally the nicest man to walk this Earth. The best thing about his services? They’re free through the region of Peel for up to 24 sessions, which is ballin’.
I’ve been having continued problems with my mom throughout this month but I feel as though going into details about this would be pointless and a waste of your time. I really want to try to keep these somewhat general and open just because I know that everyone’s going through their own bullshit and maybe if they read this blog it’s because they’re able to walk away with something. If I keep this general then maybe there is a greater chance of others connecting to it and that’s really why I write these.
So in general I want to talk about therapy and it’s potential benefits. I honestly didn’t think I would need a therapist when I first came out but my mom insisted with the hope that talking to someone might change my mind. I can’t imagine ever going through all this without my therapist by my side to talk to. He has been super helpful with sorting out my feelings towards how my family has been dealing with my coming out. It’s nice to have someone to talk to other then my immediate friends. He’s also full of incredibly useful resources that I have helpful upon multiple occasions, this includes a Trans community group that I unfortunately lack the time to attend. Still super awesome for anyone living in the Peel region of Ontario. This includes Mississauga and Brampton areas.
I’ve been to therapy before for severe anxiety and depression after coming to terms childhood abuse-from a friends older brother- and I found it helped me in leaps and bounds. There really is a terrible  stigma attached to therapy and I really want to actively try to erase that all away. If any of out there are experiencing trouble in any way, whether it be from Trans related issues or something like what I faced, I really must encourage you to look into therapy before you just dismiss it. The benefits are innumerable and I can’t recommend it enough. this is a link to the Peel family services free counselling that I am momentarily taking advantage of.
I really want to go more in depth about therapy but I feel as though that should be done when I’m not under the influence of pain-killers, yay trapped spinal nerves!
I’m going to bring yet another short entry to a close seeing as my poor, poor girlfriend is getting bored I’m sure.
Anyway, back to an evening with the lady.
Studio blog will happen tomorrow so till then stay Tobly awesome.

2 thoughts on “Trans Tuesday Entry 3

  1. To legally transition in most areas, we still need to see a psychotherapist (at least in most areas stateside down here). It helps weeds people who want to transition for some perceived “benefit” (like how trans men are attacked by some feminists that we are simply seeking “male privilege”), weed out those with fetishes (autogynephilia and autoandrophilia), and any underlying medical issues. SOme of us may not be able to qualify for hormone therapy, but given we identify strongly enough, they will write the letter stating we are good candidates for surgery, or to legally qualify for our ID papers to reflect our gender identity.

    1. I’m not sure about other areas or clinics but the doctor I’m going to be seeing for my hormones puts your through an evaluation of his own before starting you on HRT. The man I am currently seeing can only help me find and sort out my resources and transition. He’s more there to deal with my heart feelings 🙂

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