Studio blog 3: Anatomy rant

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New Studio blog you guys!!! This one is super special seeing as I’m at home…so it’s going to be more of an at home lazy art blog today. Seeing as I am hard at work on my new story I’m going to be a hack and repost an old tumblr rant up here. It is art oriented so I figured this would be a good place to share it.
Warning: Very long and very NSFW.
Here it is, originally posted on my Tumblr way back in January of this year.

So I’m a HUGE Tiger and Bunny fan and tonight I found myself floating around the Tiger and Bunny tag. Now seeing as Tiger and Bunny has a character line up made up of almost entirely attractive male characters there is bound to be some hot gay dickins all up on that tag.
Now to clarify, I am not homophobic(all my followers/friends know this already). In fact I’m pansexual so if anything I am very down with some guy on guy. However! When I see a guy on guy fanart that completely laughs in the face of male anatomy I get a bit twitchy.

Now I have censored the following images out of respect for my straight male friends, they put up with my gay shit all the god damn time so the least I can do is censor it for their dash.
I will be censoring this following critique with my new friend “naughty no-no Pee wee Herman”


I am by no means artist of the year but I do have a fairly structured understanding on anatomy. So away we go!
It all started with this image.


Good job Peewee! You’re already doing a marvelous job.
What the fuck Kotetsu’s boob?!
Now I know what you’re thinking “But Toby, a pec is just a male boob,”….no….no it isn’t.
A pec, is a pectoral MUSCLE! A boob is a Mammory glad…made of fat. FAT NOT FUCKIN MUSCLE! Fat and muscle do not react to surfaces the same way. You can’t treat a mans pecs in the same way you treat a womans breasts. Just no.
All things considered though this one wasn’t too bad. BUT, it was too late, my curiosity was peaked. So I headed on over to everyone’s favourite yaoi site Yaoi Haven and stalked through JUST the Tiger and Bunny section and it was a fucking treasure trove of examples for me to use.


Now I’m pretty sure if I didn’t point it out you can all see the issue here.
What is up with our tigers spine? No human (other then a trained contortionist maybe) can bend that way. Before drawing something the best advice I can give here is to always see if you can do the position you want to draw before drawing it. If you can’t imitate the pose then your subject probably can’t do it either. Reference images are also useful as fuck.
RIP Kotetsu’s back
Moving on


This example is probably my biggest beef. Hips…. Men and women have different hips. Men are not just women with penis’, they’re very different anatomy wise and just putting a penis and some facial hair on them is just not going to cut it.
Seriously what the fuck, Barnaby looks like J.Lo(are we calling her that still? Or am I revealing too much about my age now). Let’s examine this closer.
The artist has drawn Barnaby probably using a female reference. How do I know? Let’s take a look see, ya?


Everyone meet Angel Annie! She was the best example I could find of common anatomy used in art (not average female, let’s face it artists like to exaggerate a fuck ton). Observe how her body curves above the hip, look at Barnaby….now back at her…see it now? No? Well let’s look at a boy with some hips for comparison


Now this fellah….hot damn….oh sorry…this fellah here does have a curve above his hips but notice that it isn’t anywhere near as dramatic as Barnaby or Angel Annies. It’s subtle, but still there. THAT is how a man’s body COMMONLY curves.
Using the excuse that some men are just bit larger in the hips is just lazy especially when you’re drawing a character with this anatomy.


….but fuck where are these curves of which you speak?
Okay one last little thing.


If I didn’t know better I would’ve thought that this picture of Sky High(If I recall his name right) was a chick…then I saw the penis and felt lied to.
MENS PECS ARE NOT BOOBS!!! Also Men do not have jiggly bouncy Iggy Azalea booties


When you’re drawing looks more like Iggy Azalea then the character you’re actually trying to draw, and that character is male, then you know you have some anatomy issues.
My point to this being, if you’re going to draw Yaoi, draw Yaoi. Not Chicks with dicks. Because half the time that’s what it ends up looking like.
None of this “but Toby it’s the anime style!” “Toby Yaoi is meant to look girly”
Sorry but I can’t hear you




“Style” is never an excuse to cop out on anatomy. Style should be used in Tandem with fucking anatomy.
These two examples are good examples of anatomy working WITH style.
FUCK! Why is that so hard for people?
Am I being a little bitch? Oh hell the fuck yes. Do I think people use excuses to avoid anatomy (such as “it’s just gay porn” and “it’s animu”)? OH MEGAMANHELLA FUCK YES!
Okay I’m fuckin’ done. Toby out bitches.
Don’t forget to thank special guest Naughty No-no Peewee on your way out the door.


Sorry found him on my travels and my hand slipped. He is perfect reference BTW for an RL Barnaby in my opinion.

And there it is! My rant about yaoi art. Keep in mind I am a sassy, silly writer so you should probably take my cursing with a grain of salt….but not my message. Study anatomy you guys!
Welp tomorrow is creative writing Thursday, stay Tobly awesome you guys!

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