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Are you fucking me right now wordpress app?
So I wrote this awesome, heart felt and somewhat inspirational blog entry yesterday about my love for world building and the story I am preparing to post next and what happens? My app just decides it doesn’t want to upload it halfway through loading it and switches it over to a draft…..By the way I didn’t realise this until just now when I opened my little pissant of a laptop to write my previously planned out rant. I was frustrated but by no means too angry, the app has glitched before and all I need to do is take it into edit mode and click the publish button then BAMO! post uploaded. Oh….Oh ho ho….not this time!
So I do my usual fix of taking the post into edit mode and clicking publish but then, to my absolute horror, the post just up and deleted all of it’s content except for the bloody title! Everything I wrote yesterday about fantasy world building is gone and I am left empty and heart broken. After it was all said and done I sat down in my worn out computer chair and just stared at the screen of my laptop for what seemed like a lifetime, unable to move out of fear of hulking out. This isn’t just about wordpress app, it’s about writers rage in general though.
I am sure you all have experienced the pain of writing a really good paragraph in your writing when suddenly Power Outage! or Blue Screen of Death! or Parents Murdered by a Street Thug!


We all know that pain….some more then others.
Your marvellous work is gone and, much like the sudden end to what seemed like a perfect relationship, you’re left picking up to pieces of your shattered heart. I mean, yeah, you could just write it all out again but a small part of you just wants to sit down and wallow in your own self pity and feel justified in doing so. You get the sad rubbling in the pit of your stomach and you just want to drown it out with week old doritos and mountain do.
You basically turn into a less handsome Mort Rainey from Secret Window.


Pictured above: Every sad writer ever.
It just stings when you’ve spent a great deal of thought and editing on something only to watch it slip through your carpal tunnel afflicted hands. I’m going all Labyrinth on this shit and declaring it “not fair”. I just wish there was some way I could go back and slap past me on the back of the head and tell him to write it up in microsoft first so that I have a back up copy just in case. I did it for The Horse Farm, so I don’t know why I stopped doing it for everything else. Probably because I’m a fucking idiot, yeah that’s probably why.
This bullshit just threw off my whole ranting groove man. I was going to rant to you all today about the reality vs. creativity thing going on with the slenderman killing but I was so peeved about this I forgot about the humanitarian side of me and what he wanted to talk about. He really does get shafted off to the side most of the time, heh, oops.
So now that I’ve sufficiently drowned my anger in a few beers and some good old fashioned smut comics classical literature, I feel as though maybe I can come to terms with the loss of my beloved creative writing post….however this just sets me back a full week, or maybe if I can pull myself together I’ll upload a new version of it tomorrow to make up for this utter bullshit. I just feel gross and OCD about the whole “meant for a Thursday but uploaded on a Saturday” shindig. Makes me feel icky.
In all honesty this entire situation can be fixed by me just deleting this, probably glitched, version of the wordpress app and downloading a newer version and then rewriting the post. I’m too much of a bitch for that though and I can at least admit that! Admitting you have a problem is the first step.
“Hi, my names Toby and I’m a cranky little bitch,”
Anyway guys, thanks for putting up with my bullshit. Stay Tobly awesome and maybe I’ll be seeing you tomorrow!

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