Combination post! Tuesday and Wednesday special

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So sorry for a lack of post yesterday, I ended up going to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 and forgot to write it due to my immense love of toothless pouring out of my ears. I have so much to tell you guys and with such a small space to do it so I’m just going to try and make it as streamline as I can.
Yesterday I was stuck working at the Comic shop, a friendly little place in Brampton, and the day was going pretty standard. I have to say that working as Stadium Comics has been one of the best part-time jobs I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing. I love comic books so working in a store and working in a place that specialises in that area has been dream.


The view from my sales counter is the best and you all know you’re jealous.
I’m telling you all this for a reason, sit down children for I have a story to tell you. So my work day was pretty standard for the majority of the day until a young girl and her mom and older brother walked into the store. I did my usual shtick of greating them and asking them if they needed help finding anything before returning to browsing Tumblr while they looked around. It was at this point the little girl, who was around eight years old, walked up to the shelves beside the counter and began to wig out over the sonic screwdrivers we had up for sale. The two of us began to talk, she quizzed me about Doctor Who to make sure I was a true fan and after I had proved myself she immediately warmed up to me. As her mother and brother chilled I showed her a few convention videos on youtube of a Dalek cosplay and we shared in our joint fear of the weeping angels. When it was finally time for her to go she asked if we could be best friends and if she could have my phone number, her mom had told me they were on vacation from America so she isn’t from the area. After her mom said it was okay I gave her my business card with my email and told her we could be pen pals. She excitedly gave me a hug, took a picture with me and then told me I smelled nice. I also told her about my upcoming graphic novel and she seemed excited that I drew.
Now I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again, I don’t like children because I have too much in common with them. This little girl though. I’ve never met a kid that I took to so quickly, she was amazing. My day had been boring and average till this little ray of sunshine came in and begged me to be her new best friend. How could I say no. She was this excitable, doctor who fan girl in the making and I am so lucky to have made such sweet new friend. Her mom was very sweet so I am assuming she got her personality from there.
I could honestly go on and on about how this child warmed by cold heart but I have so much more to talk about so I’m going to power on! However I would totally adopt a kid like that.
After work I ended up going to HTTYD2 and hot damn was it awesome! I have an immense love for animated films and it’s very hard for me to find one that I absolutely hate. I realise that they are made for kids and so I end up enjoying with that in mind. I couldn’t help but freak out over the amount of detailing that went into the characters animation. I could see the god damn hairs on Hiccups chin! Do you all understand how crazy that is? I loved it.
The evolution the characters have had since the first film was wonderful and the relationship between Hiccup and Astrid has really blossomed. Don’t even get me started on how much I want a million of these derpy ass baby Scuttleclaws.


They are so stupid, I want them all. Especially the screaming blue one.
Nows a good time to expose you all to my out of control slight obsession with dragons. I’ve spent god knows how many days of my life reading and learning about dragons. I use to love Dinosaurs as a kid because I thought they were the closest thing to real dragons, this eventually grew to an actual interest in Dino’s as an entity not connected to dragons.
Dragons are just the best.
Okay, one last little tiny thing before I go. Seeing as yesterday was Trans Tuesday I should mention something Trans related, so I am going to continue my talk about binding with a little side note about why the summer sucks donkey dick. I am sure every single FTM knows why I hate summer so god damn much. The heat combined with the extra layer of binding we have to wear equals the nastiest experience for sweat. You basically have to wear another layer of clothing in weather where you don’t want to wear clothes to begin with. I just want to be like other men and walk around with no shirt on, seriously, once I get my top surgery I am going to avoid shirts like the mother fucking plague. Boxers, and only boxers, all the time.
If you all have any opinions about my post feel free to comment. I really enjoy reading the comments that I’ve received so far and I always take what you guys say into consideration.
Once again sorry for the late update bullshit, till tomorrow stay Tobly awesome.


Selfie featuring my bro Alvaro and his epic Chile shirt.

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