Movie Review Mondays: Red Riding Trilogy part 2

Movie Reviews

I have illustration work and the worlds most photogenic cat that’s in need of some pettings so let’s not fuck around and get this magical and heart-warming show on the road!
Movie: Red Riding Trilogy 1980
Director: James Marsh
Here we are again, same Bat-station, relatively same Bat-time with the second installment of the Red Riding Trilogy that takes place 7 years after the first movie with an all new cast of characters!…Well mostly.
First and foremost I want to just say that this one was miles better than the first movie. As much as I have a man-crush on Andrew Garfield, my girlfriend may or may not feel the need to be more than a bit concerned over this fact, I found this movie so much more engaging and far better put together. The corruption within the police system that was introduced in the first movie really came through far more clear in it’s sequel.
This sequel follows the story of a Yorkshire investigator looking into a case about a serial killer known as the Yorkshire ripper, instead he finds police corruption that leads back to the first film.
Warning: Seeing as this is a review of the sequel there will be spoilers for the first movie Red Riding 1973.
I want to try to type this review as well formatted as humanly possible but I honestly just want to gush about the film incoherently like we’re teenage girls that just left the theatre after the first screening Twilight. The acting, the cast, the directing, even the story tempo, was far better executed than the first. It really felt like the director had a better feel for pacing in this movie and it really came across in the portrayal of the plot. Don’t even get me started on how much better the romantic relationship in this movie was handled. The last film felt as though the sex scenes and romance muddled out the corruption of the police force.
The lead actor, I believe his name is Warren Clarke, was amazing. I will admit that I was so distracted by the film that I forgot to take notes, that should tell you that this man has the ability to hold an audience. I’m an acting snob, so for me, an actor who can make me forget they’re acting makes a huge difference towards my enjoyment of a good movie. Regardless of genre.


Ya know?
Side note: My love of Nic Cage is the exemption to this rule.
Just looking back on the movie I realise that Sean Harris(reprising his role from the first film as a corrupt cop Bob Craven) has some serious issues with personal space.



Some serious issues.
So the plot was great, the acting was ace and the directing was wonderful. What more could a guy ask for?
Boobies? In a movie about murdered Sex workers I’d rather not be confusing sexy times with death times.
Booms? Naw, explosions would have been too cheap for this film.
Barbers? As much as I love Sweeney Todd, I think the Yorkshire Ripper had the killing covered.
So what then? Well I’ll tell you what!


No Sean Harris, not that kind of BJ.
You all remember BJ from the first film, the gay male prostitute with the pretty eyes that could turn even the straightest of men.


Just as a reminder.
As soon as I saw him I scurried over to IMDB to confirm that it was indeed my sweet, sultry prostitaught from the first time around and sure enough there he was, Robert Sheehan. It seems I picked the right random character from the first movie to obsess over. I am seriously going to cackle in derpy glee if he is in the final movie. I really want to know now but I can’t check till next week Sunday. Cruel. 
BJ’s connection to the last movie was awesome as all hell and I won’t spoil it all for you, I’ll just say that it’s well worth a watch and well tied up.
I originally had my rating at a 4/5 but after the little plot point they had with BJ I’m going to pump them up to a pure 5 beautiful bodacious BJ’s out of 5. This movie was so totally my thing and I loved every second of it. It really makes me want to read the books that they’re all apparently based upon, something tells me I would like the writer. As usual if you guys want to watch along with me every week, Red Riding 1980 is currently available on Netflix Canada. I’d love to hear any of your opinions, so give it a watch and post your own review! Don’t just take my word for it.
Well till tomorrow, stay Tobly awesome everyone!
Sean Harris!

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