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There are few feelings that I hate more in life than that sheepish, tail between the legs sort of shame I get when I come back from an unannounced hiatus. Like what I am doing right about now. I suppose I owe all my readers a bit of an explanation.
I can assure you all that I have been away from you for the very best of reasons, and I guess I can use this post to double as a very special announcement. I am sure I have mentioned my webcomic project with my mentor Maddsketch on this blog before, if not then I am mentioning it for the first time and I apologise for not keeping you all up to date on all my jams. My mentor maddsketch and I have been working on a webcomic project called The Sequentials, an online hosting site and webcomic publishing company for all the talented artists and writers in our lives. The site can be found here but the site doesn’t officially launch till September 7th with our first four titles. Okay so now I’m going to move on to why this has affected my update schedule on here.
If you all go to the website and view the upper scroll of banners you can see all the titles launching in September, among those you can see a comic called ‘Tales of Lost’. Yeup! For those of you that have been reading my creative writing posts, congratulations! Good on you for paying attention because now you know exactly what I am talking about, for those that maybe just read my Trans bloggy doo or my movie reviews I should go ahead and expand on this shindig. Tales of Lost is my Steam Punk fantasy adventure comic, it centres around a woman named Jennifer Lost and her journey in a parallel Earth called ‘Cealusterra’. Manatees, airships, gun’s that go bang bang and gay pirates. You know, all the wholesome stuff. I’m going to go ahead and toot my own horn and say that it’s fuckin’ awesome and you should all go read it when it releases.
So there you have it. It’s all Tales of Losts’ fault, I have been working on it none stop so that it’s perfect for when it launches. I have an entire issue finished and ready for the sites launch, updates will be weekly so that’ll give me ample time to work on issue 2. I will eventually be releasing the comic in print with exclusive content but that’s not till after issue 3 premieres on the site so that’s a long way off. Even still you guys, I am super excite to show you all my hard work. I have also been working on banners and promotions for the site, all of which I am putting the finishing touches on tonight then showing them to the group for approval and what not. So much art-ness!
I am so gosh darn diddly excited to finally have my comic out there! This’ll be the second time I’ve illustrated the comic, the first draft can still be found at Be forewarned that it is of the shiftiest quality and is in no way an indicator for the quality of the relaunch. Many writing flaws have been fixed and toyed with, along with the art. Also, other characters have been messed with and re-designed. I originally illustrated the comic when I was still in the closet so there is totally a character named Toby that was pretty much just who I wanted to be, which is the worst way to write a character. He was this dopey little deckhand shit, his design and purpose has since changed and he is now named Devonte. I like him better now.
Well, I think that is pretty much all I had to say about that. I will be giving you all a weekly update from now till my schedule frees up enough for me to return to our previous updates. Weekly updates will be released on every Wednesday starting now.
I’ll give you all a good solid update next week on a few other things going down, but till then; stay Tobly awesome, folks.

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