Another Update for you guys

Personal Posts

Hello gorgeous readers!

Life is in full swing!

Ever have those moments when you just stop and think; “This is it…this is exactly where I am meant to be right now”? Well that’s kind of where I am right now. I’m 21(soon to be 22 in a few days), broke, living with my parents, dating my biggest fan and the loveliest lady I know, working on my own comic title and I am now employed as an artist for a new webcomic coming out in early 2015. I haven’t “made it”, nor am I super rich and living on my own but I am exactly where I am meant to be. Not ridiculously successful but if all goes well I have the ability to be in the next two years.

I also find myself at a good spot in my transition. I am calling the peel health board later today to talk about my upcoming appointment to examine my over all health, if all goes well and I am healthy we can start discussing HRT. So pumped for that. I’m also slowly but surely coming out fully at work, a few customers hadn’t clued in that I was Trans yet so I am officially telling them now with the full support of my bosses and coworkers. I really feel that having a safe environment with my friends and at my work place has really helped me come to terms with what I want. Having the knowledge that no matter what happens I have people willing to back me up and encourage me makes every step that much easier to take.

I really only have one last loose end to tie up. My extended family doesn’t know yet. I am trying to make it kind of obvious around them for a bit before telling them. It’s better if they suspect something first, it’ll be easier for them in the long run rather than me just pulling them aside and saying “I’m more like Pinocchio than the Blue Fairy if you catch my drift…”. I am extremely close to my moms side of the family and I am so scared of loosing them but at the same time you live and you die and it’s up to you to live the life you want in between and fuck what other people try to make you into. If they can’t accept me then they can’t have me in their lives, it’s hard to say but I can’t live for other people.

Overall, I am at a very comfortable place in my life and I would be cool staying this way for a little bit. I do eventually want to save up to move to Toronto but I want to be stable first and I really feel as though this comic gig is a step in the right direction. Hopefully working with these two writers, who are already out in the webcomic community, will help get my name out there. Which hopefully means more commission work!

I’ll post another update soon times with how everything is going, I’m looking to get a tattoo soon so maybe I’ll have that done by the time I post my next blog entry….if I have time to get it done before then.

Anyway guys, thanks as always for reading and just keep in mind that you should never define success based on the accomplishments of others. Define your own meaning of success and you’ll find yourself a lot happier and far more confident in the long run.

Till next time, stay Tobly awesome!

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