New blog name and why I shouldn’t have nice things

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Howdy everyone!

So I’ve spent the past few days hanging with my bro Alvaro, trying to get some comic work done for our own titles. It’s been good just getting to work and also enjoy each others idiocy. So, so much idiocy.

I suppose I should start this whole post out by addressing the obvious; the new blog name. Why fix something that isn’t broken? The simplest way or putting it is “because my girlfriend gave me a look when I first mentioned the word ‘Bro-nouns’.” Well kiddies, story time.

So girlfriend and I are headed home from the sexy story telling meet up we went to and the phrase hits me like a ton of bricks sent from the Greek gods themselves. You see, earlier in the night anyone who wanted to tell a story was asked to share their pronouns with everyone. As a transgender man that was very appreciated. So reflecting on that in the street car, I gleefully turned to my girlfriend and, with the dumbest of smiles, said;

“Babe….I use bro-nouns,” This resulted in her giving me one of her “why me? You’re an idiot” looks that I adore so much. That glare pretty much sealed the deal. Bro-nouns shall haunt her forever more. Plus it’s more cringe-worthy and punny than “Man-made”, and that’s really what I’m all about.

Aight, at this point I am sure you can all tell that this post is one of my update posts rather then a subject post. I do promise I shall start posting my writing again some time soon, I just need to get over this huge pile of illustration work that needs attending. I have been working on a few short stories and I will probably wait till they’re all finished before I start posting those anyway, rather then post as I go….in fact I don’t think I know anyone that posts as they go. It just sounds like a bad. A very bad,bad.

I always hate writing these updates without adding some sort of generalized point to it so I think I’ll use this opportunity to bring up a little something regarding t.v., movies and the like seeing as that was what fueled the drawing session between my big bro and I.

Well that and dicks….lots of dicks with weird pointed heads

So we ended up watching an anime called Kyou Kara Maou. If you don’t know of this anime and you love blatant gay jokes I would totally suggest checking out the English dub. I have a very deep love for any show or movie that tends to not take itself seriously, seeing as I don’t take myself seriously. A healthy sense of humor and the ability to laugh at yourself are things that I believe contribute to a happier life in general. Kyou Kara Maou, I feel, is the perfect example of that philosophy in anime form.

I’m actually not the biggest anime fan, I find they often suffer from a lack of originality that just destroys the whole experience for me. Granted in this world it’s hard to find many things with originality but I really think it’s about how you present previously done ideas that make them endearing. You can have two shows with the same plot and ideas but with completely different ways of presenting them. For example;

Avatar and Pocahontas are just the same movie. It’s been a few years now and we can all accept this. What makes them both good movies in their own respect is how both plots are presented to us in different ways that make us think for a split second that we are watching something new. Let’s face it, Avatar was a movie to entertain us and not to make us contemplate the complexities of our universe. For a movie with it’s given purpose, it did a good job of taking a basic plot idea that’s been done to death and dusting it off, putting on some cg makeup and making us forget our real life worries for a brief (arguable) time.

I find that some animes out there fail miserably at this. If in the first episode you introduce me to a little sister character, a girl next door, a rambunctious main character and a traditional Japanese beauty that are completely replaceable with any other character like that from other animes I will literally give zero shits about those characters. Now that would be okay for an action or horror anime where the character is just there to serve the plot and just look nice so cosplayers have something to craft. For an anime that seems like it wants to be character driven and serious? That’s not cool.

That’s why I like Kyou Kara Maou. The english dub at least, I am far too busy to stop drawing long enough to read god damn subtitles, if that bothers you kiss my pasty white ass. KKM doesn’t take itself seriously and it just there to make you laugh and feel good. I only got through the first 12 episodes and so far it brings me joy with every episode. If it goes down hill that would suck and I hope it doesn’t fuck up by trying to be too serious.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do love serious media. My favourite movie genres are actually thrillers, dramas, and horror films.  One of my favourite animes is actually Puella Modoka Magica (spelling ugh). I just feel as though if you’re making an anime, movie or t.v. show you should be aware of how often your plot has been done and how the viewer might feel about it.  I actually want to write a whole critic about why I actually gave up on Sword art online after the 10th episode but I will literally need a whole post for that because I am prepared to write an actual essay about why that is a good example of ‘nope’.

For now though the point I am trying to make is that certain watcheables are meant to make us feel good and forget our worries, and when the creator gets that and constructs their writing around that I end up doing a happy dance.

Also watch Grand Budapest….it’ll make you happy and sad but mostly happy. I promise, if I’m wrong you can come to Ontario and hit me.

Welp that’s it for now folks.

Till next time, stay Tobly awesome.


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