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Last week a Transgender teen named Leelah Alcorn committed suicide by running into oncoming traffic. In her suicide note she let it be known that a major reason behind her suicide was the lack of support coming from home in regards to her gender identity.

I’ve been avoiding making a post regarding the news that has recently shook the Transgender community to it’s core. This isn’t because I’m self-centered or heartless, it’s because I feel as though nothing I say when it comes to Leelah Alcorn will do anything other then let the world know I give a shit.I’m not a terribly emotional guy and when it comes time to actually express myself in a vulnerable way I tend to just shut off. That’s exactly what I did when I heard about the suicide of Ms. Alcorn. I shut off and got angry. How could a parent deny such a beautiful little girl the opportunity to be herself. Leelah was a talented young artist who could’ve made some amazing contributions to the indie art scene. She was a young woman with an amazing sense of who she was but lacked the environment to express that. All of this just makes me want to grab her parents and ask them “why?”.

Leelah’s parents had a lovely daughter and they chose to deny her and that just makes me enraged and leaves me wishing there was some way I could’ve prevented the loss of this young girl. Fact is though; I can’t and sitting here talking about how it made me feel isn’t going to help anybody either.

On January 6th I’ve chosen to take part in the #Pinkforleelah movement. I invite you all do to the same. Wear the brightest eye catching pink nail polish on ONLY the nail of your ring finger. When someone asks why, you tell them about Leelah and use it as a opportunity to educate. Female, Male or nonbinary; it doesn’t matter just paint that shit pink and represent for  the young girl who can no longer speak for herself.

I’m also going to take this opportunity to leave some resources for any and all Trans youth or adults that might need a bit of help.

 Transsexual and Transgender Roadmap :Great site that is easy to navigate. Caters more towards MTF in regards to helping you pass but they have great coming out advice as well as real world advice.

Transgender Wiki : Covers a lot of the questions you may never even consider asking. Also has a great article about coming out to friends.

American Transgender Rights and Safety : Posting this because it is so important to your safety to know your rights. Seriously guys, learn them well.

Canadian Transgender Resources : This site covers everything from legal processes, healthcare and rights.

GLSEN is currently in the process of moving but once they are done I’ll post their link here as well seeing as they list hotline numbers and support groups etc.

If you’re in the US you can also check out The Trevor Project They provide a helpline that is always open to you.

Transsexual and Transgender Roadmap also provides a list of places to go for help outside of the US.

I hope some of these help somewhat. I’ve done what I can do at the moment, but the key is to never back down, never shut up and never stop fighting for the future of Trans youth like Leelah.

Keep up the fight everyone, till next time, I sincerely hope you stay Tobly awesome.


Rest in Power Princess.

Artwork by Leelah Alcorn

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