Guess whose alive!

Personal Posts

Oh….wow….I have been so absent from this blog for the longest time. I suck.
Really though I have just been working on comic scripts and by the time I am done with those I just don’t want to even look at my blog. I guess because I am not huge on talking about myself so to keep up with that regularly is always super weird. BUT some stuffs been going down and I need a place to put my thoughts and what not. Plus I have been working on some stories and I am considering either posting them here or on wattpad, dunno yet. One is another horror short and the other is an LGBT oriented novel type thing. So either way once they are finished in their entirety I’ll be letting you all know when I post them and where.
I guess I should say how updates will work now. I’ll be trying to post once a week, either comic chit chat, opinion articles, or story excerpts. Monday I will actually be posting more of my Marche and Jasper backstory, it has a name now as well! “Volition” which is fun. I will be linking the first part of the story at the top of the second parts post. I reread it today and made myself chuckle so I hope that you all might enjoy the story for what it is as well.
Once again I am so bad at talking about myself, so these personal updates are always the exact opposite of rad.
Either way, stay turned for more awesome! Cause we are back in business!
Now if you’ll excuse me I have three weeks of queueing to do.

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