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Alright, enough with the dreaded hashtags, it’s been far too long since I did a life update for me to sully it with anymore bullshit.
Since I last uploaded something personal, a lot has happened in my life both professionally and personally and I am finally getting around to telling you guys about it all. As I have said before on this site, I am not much for talking about myself so I have been pretty much delaying this post for as long as I could while at the same time desperately wanting to write it!
First things first though; My newest story has been getting me new readers so I should start this off by first saying “Hello” to you all. I hope I can consistently keep your interests!
Okay initiate awkward transition.
So I want to start this update by talking about personal things seeing as that’s what I am most excited for. I got my Testosterone prescription! It is mine and I have it. My next doctors appointment will be my first injection and I am so pumped for it. Due to having an appointment with my mom to talk about our feelings I’m not starting till the first week of August but still. I waited this long so two weeks isn’t going to kill me if it helps my mom handle the transition better.  I really need her in my support system so it’s important for me for her to adjust to this whole situation.
Moving on now though to the professional art stuff (art stuff, look at me using big boy words) and what I am currently working on. I am still employed doing a webcomic for the gentlemen who write Death Partners, I am the artist doing their comic Post. This job has been so much fun and I am honoured to have the chance to work with writers I admire. That’s all relatively old news though and along with that I am still working away on my personal webcomic Tales of Lost, the sequel to my story Volition.
As of last week I now have another new job I am working on as well. I have been  hired to do illustrations for an amazing children’s novel with the absolute best message I could possibly think of.  The story focuses on an young Transboy and his adventures through a fantasy world.
First off, fantasy world. Fantasy is my favourite genre of all time and to be asked to work on yet another fantasy themed title is the coolest thing ever. The world that the writer has built is wonderful and complex and you just find yourself completely lost in it. Second, a Transgender character in a novel targeted towards kids. I can’t tell you how much I will sacrifice to make sure that young trans boy and girls finally have someone to identify with. I read a little girls review of the book and the response made me happier than I had been in a long time. Her understanding and acceptance of the main character was heart warming.
I only really invest myself in projects that I personally enjoy and can see myself being passionate about. I can be passionate about this book and it’s incredible message.
Other than that I have been just constantly drawing and working full time at the comic store now. I can’t remember the last time I went a day without doing something comic related.
This is the reason why the infamous question “So, do you, like, read comics at all?” makes me laugh a good hearty laugh.
Well humans I should probably get back to work seeing as  I am typing this up at the shop in between talking to the occasional lazy Saturday shoppers.
Till next time,
Stay Tobly Awesome


Hopefully my last dumb work selfie before T!

2 thoughts on “#Humblebrag

  1. Good luck on your transition. I look forward to reading about your journey. I am 4 years on t and can tell you get ready for life to change!

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