Good News Everybody!

Personal Posts

I officially started HRT this past Monday September 14th!

I feel amazing and I am still riding off the high of my first injection, which didn’t hurt at all by the way. I’m going to have two more injections at the clinic after this one and then I take over the injections myself.

I was so excited about starting that I didn’t eat for two days, pure energy was sustaining me like never before. I know that it’s only the first needle and that changes don’t actually happen over night but I am so ready to hear my voice for the first time. Granted that being able to do that is months away still.

I’m also smack dab in the middle of my legal name change and I am getting my forms filled out for my legal gender change. I’ve never had to fill out so many forms in my life and I’m loving every second of it.

I will stop myself before I blab your ear off about how awesome this all is but I figured I should make a post about this seeing as it is very very important. Sorry for the short post but I just had to let it be known!

Expect an update for Volition tomorrow!

Till then stay Tobly Awesome!

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