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My voice keeps cracking!


It’s not that my voice has lowered significantly, but my higher register is starting to fail on me so that’s pretty awesome! I’ve also noticed hair growth above my lip and more hair around my side burns area. I’m hungry all the time and I have noticed I’ve been a bit more irritable lately, this could be because I’m always hungry though and I tend to be grumpy when I’m hungry. I’ve also lost a bit of weight, not a huge amount, and my skin feels like you’ve dumped a vat of oil on it.
I am super excited to say though that I haven’t had a period this month either! Which is ballin’ beyond belief.
Other than HRT I am happy to say that my buddy Alvaro is now living with me as we prepare to find our own apartment, this will probably take place after Christmas.
In the meantime I have been working away on illustrations for a kids novel called Wyvern written by Kyle McGiverin. He is going to be kickstarting the book so I’ll probably be posting about that when it’s up and running. I am very excited for this project, I don’t remember if I have mentioned before but the main character for the books is a young Transboy and the entire fantasy world he enters is very gender fluid and accepting of such things. It’s a wonderful book with lots of action and some amazingly solid writing to back it all up. Working on this has been a dream.
Life has been going swimmingly in a personal sense as well. I didn’t think I was capable of balancing a personal life with full-time comic shop work and full-time illustration work but apparently I can when life just so happens to continuously line up. Which is nice, I’m really liking this whole “not being a lonely hermit” thing that I have going on right now.
I had one other thing I wanted to touch upon and it’s a bit more creatively oriented so if that’s not why you read my blog, if you’re a reader more for the trans-stuff, then feel free to duck out now.
I have been making HUGE progress with my personal comic endeavor, Tales of Lost, and it’s getting me so pumped! My artwork has improved so much since the prologue chapter I first posted and I am a mixture of proud/ embarrassed when I show my comic to new people. I am proud because it allows me to track my development over this past year, and it’s been insane to watch it morph. I’m embarrassed to show people because I hate showing people anything but my best and what I use to do was nowhere near my current best. That’s how growth works though, you get better duh. Still I can’t help but feel as though my old work is a terrible reflection of what I do.


It’s not only the artwork I feel this way about. It’s also my writing.
I had this issue with Tales of Lost were I had it in development for so long that I grew attached to the Work in Progress names that I had for my characters and the story itself. “Tales of Lost” was a working title and I had intended on naming it something a bit more eloquent, and my main character Jennifer Lost was a working name as well. She was named Jennifer Lost because I hadn’t decided between two other last names so I just made her temporary last name in the script relate to the working title. After some time I got overly attached. I’m always a bit sheepish when I mention this. Admittedly it must be working though, people are reading it according to my site stats and they’re enjoying it according to the emails I have received….still….Jennifer Lost, eugh why?
I have recently started writing the sequel (Gatta plan that out in advance! Never write as you go, that’s how you find yourself written into a corner). Right now it’s working title is Tales of Lost: That one with the Water, obviously that’s not going to stay…although I have grown rather attached to it…Kidding! Just kidding….
I would never seriously consider…hmmm
I promise I’ll get back to writing entries about creative crap and posting more of Tales of Lost: Volition. I just haven’t had the time to do my usual editing process for the last few chapters of Volition and I want to have that done before I keep posting.
Anyway that’s all I wanted to talk about this time, I shove another HRT needle into my leg tomorrow so hopefully more changes to note soon times!
Till then
Stay Tobly awesome everyone
I know I will!

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