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I know, I know, a post dedicated towards kids when over a year ago I am pretty sure I made it very clear that I never wanted them. I swear this is about something entirely different and far more important than my lack of future spawns.
I know many of my readers are either Trans* or Trans* allies due to the amount of you that have come on board since I started making more frequent posts about the topic. I want to take this opportunity to talk about a project I was hired on to do and why I really want you to consider funding it.
Wait, please don’t stop reading there! Cause even if you can’t afford to fund it, I really encourage you to share it. For the kids out there that were like me.
Let me tell you my story and you’ll understand why this is so important to me.
Growing up I had never heard the word “transgender”, I didn’t really even know what the word meant till I was 12. Up to that point I just thought everyone felt the way I did and that I would feel better when I got older. As I grew and eventually learned of the word it was only in passing. I honestly thought that because I didn’t like all the things boys stereotypically liked then I wouldn’t make a very good boy anyway. Of course my sexuality didn’t really help.
It also didn’t help growing up in a low income and very homophobic area, I don’t even want to know what they would have thought of Trans* people. I ended up engulfing myself in Archie comics and books with young male protagonists. I can’t help but feel that if I had been able to access some form of media that helped me understand what I was feeling at a young age then I would have come out as Trans a long time ago. I didn’t have that though, so I went about my younger years thinking I was just different in a “curable” sort of way.
Okay, so sob story over and moving along to what I really want to discuss. It’s called Wyvern and it’s being written by my friend, and teacher of little spawnlings, Kyle McGiverin.
I am terrible with words so I’m going to post a little thing from the Kickstarter that Kyle wrote. His words are far better than mine could ever be:
” Meet Quinn. Quinn is twelve-year-old boy much like the other twelve-year-old boys he knows – except that he was born in the body of a girl.

Home on Earth, Quinn happens upon a coin in the dirt, and is transported from his own world to Aldia, a strange world where humans live alongside wonderful creatures called wyverns. In Quinn’s quest to return home, he discovers that the wyverns are victims of a centuries old curse. Despite having wings, the wyverns cannot fly. He learns that the coin that transported him to Aldia may be the key to breaking the wyverns’ curse. Eager to be of help, Quinn postpones his search for a way home to join the wyverns in their effort to return to the skies. However, to succeed, Quinn must accept, without doubts, who he really is.”

Can he do it?”
Ooooh Can he you guys?
So if you can’t tell by now why I really want this project to be a thing I will tell you as plain as day;
I want little “Toby’s” out there to read this and not feel the way I use to.  I want them to just feel okay and to have a book that helps them with those feelings and with their own identities. Sometimes the only way to get the things you want in the world is to do what you can to make it happen.
And that’s exactly what I am doing.
When Kyle came to me offering me the opportunity to work with him as the illustrator for this story I immediately said yes, how could I ever say no?
This was everything I ever wanted as a kid and I now had the chance to actually work on it and make it a reality.
So you’ve heard my reasoning, now I will leave it to you.
Please support this in anyway you can, for the kids that you once were, the people you know and love and for me. Because as a strange dude on the internet who spend his days drawings comics and what not, I would appreciate it.
Also support it because the book is cool, and hopefully you’ll enjoy my illustrations as well.
Here is the Link do with it what you will but please don’t forget about it.
Thanks for reading guys, I really mean that.
Stay Tobly awesome
I know I will in between sips of energy drinks and sleepless nights.

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