I did it again…

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I did that thing I always do and drop off the Earth for a few months at a time before coming back in a strange, half-hearted blaze of glory.
By “Blaze of glory” I do mean “I’m bored at work and feel as though I should be productive, so here I am and there you are so let’s do this”.
My absence could also be due to me seeing someone recently…Don’t give me that look. Whatever. Shut up.
I have also been pouring a lot of energy into both Post and Wyvern to the point where I don’t really have much time to write lately, my days are filled with constant panelling and character illustration.
(As a note the kickstarter for Wyvern is still going so please give it a look see. I made a whole pretty words post about it before I disappeared on you guys so check it out if you like)
I have noticed recently that the more content and productive I am in life the less I day dream. I think this could be due to having nothing to day dream about. All my Sims needs bars are all full so I don’t need to lay down and dream about the things I want.
As I said, I feel as though this is also an indication that I am more content with my life right now. I seem to drift off in my own mind more when I’m feeling down. Escaping into my imagination is like escaping into a good book, you go somewhere else and for a brief time it feels like everything will be okay in your happy little dream dome. It’s the silent equivalent to shoving your finger in your ears and going “LALALALALALALA I can’t hear you life! LALALALA!”, which can be unhealthy at times.
I’m not saying I don’t day dream anymore, just that I day dream a lot less. When I do find myself drifting off it is almost always concerning future stories I can tell or illustrations I can make. My day dream time has shifted into something that resembles “planning” and I feel like I am getting much more done than ever before.
Now that I’ve said all that I should note that over the next 48 hours I will be doing jack-shit as I attend a Trans-man oriented dance event at the Gladstone Hotel tonight and then proceed to nurse a hangover the next day. I was about to say if any of my readers will be attending they should come say hi but I honestly don’t know how many of you live in my area. Some of my readers state where they are from on their profiles/blogs but not all of you. I see a lot of Americans, Hello Americans! Don’t believe the rumours about our crazy serial killer armies….they are mostly false…
Back to this time-consuming event though, because that’s what I am really excited about.
From my understanding, it’s like any other gay club event but it’s targeted towards Transgender guys and guys who are down with that. I think that’s pretty awesome. The intention behind the event is super cool, I just hope there won’t be fetishists cruising the scene looking for an “easy bottom”…we get that a lot. I’ll write a full post regarding this matter eventually. I actually have two information posts coming your way before then, I just need to get around to posting them. Which would be rad if I didn’t have the attention span of a five year old on pixie sticks, which reminds me that I need to ask my doctor to evaluate me for ADHD. More on that process when it happens as well.
Okay so, I’m going to need to close this post off before I keep rambling because I am just realising now that I have far more that I want to talk about but I should probably plan all of that out before I shower you in a rain fall of word vomit….


Sorry, that was kind of gross.
Maybe I’ll make a post about the Trans event and the whole “cruising” situation and kill two birds with one stone. Probably expect that one next, maybe expect it to be a bit of a rant on the Trans dating scene as well.
Till then guys, stay Tobly awesome
I’ll try to in between rolling myself into blanket burritos and drawing pretty pictures.

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