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Y’all knew it would happen and here it is!

This is the post where I blab about the changes I have personally experienced on HRT in these first 6-7 months. Things are going to get a bit personal and there may be details the average reader doesn’t need to know, I am purely posting this for informational purposes. Keep in mind while reading this that this is my own personal account of how HRT has reacted with me. It differs depending on the person and the method/dosage.

I want to start with physical changes. These are more numerous but a lot more straight forward so I want to get these up and out of the way in more of a list form. My changes thus far are as follows;

  • More body hair overall. Much like the old sex ed pamphlets use to say “You’ll be finding hair in whole new places”.
  • Acne. Mostly on the right side of my face.
  • My clitoris has grown. I can actually feel it getting hard when aroused which is a whole new ball game!
  • My voice has deepened noticeably.
  • My torso has lost some curves and I’ve taken on a more boyish figure.
  • I also think my chest has flattened out some more, it may just be from years of binding. Either way, I’ll take it!

I haven’t noticed any crazy facial changes yet beyond some facial hair above my lip and along my chin. Not yet anyway, I’m mostly patient though.

My emotional/psychological etc. changes have been a bit different and interesting to say the very least. There are only a few of those but I definitely feel as though they are stronger.

  • Increased Appetite. Hot damn! The hunger.
  • Increased sex drive. I always thought guys were exaggerating about being ready to go to pound town all the time as a teenager, now I know they weren’t.
  • Shift in sexuality. Its an incredibly rare side effect but HRT has been known to cause shifts in sexual preferences. I now find myself preferring men over women as sexual partners in the past few months. I’ve gone from identifying as pansexual to just simplifying it all and just saying “gay”.

It’s weird hearing your own voice forming and your body shifting. It’s the best feeling in the world but it’s also really unique and incomparable. I’m currently taking my HRT through intramuscular injections every other week, which has been working great for me but I know needles aren’t for everyone.

I guess looking at a picture I took before HRT and a picture I took only a month ago I can see the changes in my face. I am curious and excited to see how further treatments are going to change me and my body.

I’ll keep updating this blog with my progress as the changes continue!
Thanks for reading folks and remember to stay Tobly awesome.
I know I will.

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