An open letter to the older Queer Community

Personal Posts

Thank you.

Thank you to all the Queer folk of my parents generation and beyond for the years of fighting and pain that you had to endure so that I have the ability to celebrate a full month of Pride. Thank you for all the riots, and the protests and for putting up with all the bullshit you faced in your time and continue to face. You started this battle and you’ve left behind some pretty big shoes to fill. Admittedly it can be kind of overwhelming at times but I think as a younger generation, we can rise to the occasion.

Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you to all the Bayard Rustins, José Sarrias, Audre Lordes and Harvey Milks. Thanks for being unapologetic for just being yourselves, regardless of what that meant. Whether you fought in the front lines or just stayed true to who you are in the face of adversity, you’re a warrior and I admire that. You will always be a constant source of strength for me because no matter what I face in life I know I have a community to back me up.

During this month I want to look back on how far we have come as a community and really appreciate what I have thanks to those who have come before me. I’m not saying we’re done. We’re not, far from it. As long as people are being killed over their LGBT+ identities there will be a battle to be fought and won. I want to look back on how far this community has come because I want to see whats possible. I want to see that, in the past, we have won and we will continue to win. I look back so I don’t forget where I come from.

I get snippy a lot on this blog, I spit a lot of nonsense analogies and silly quips. Not this time though, for now I just want to be honest and heartfelt. Amongst all the crazy Pride parties and flamboyant parades, we can forget the true meaning behind this month. So at some point, I urge the LGBT+ individuals of my generation to take a step back and give thanks. Look at this as Thanksgayving (sorry, there had to be a least one dumb joke in here), give thanks and respect during this time. Appreciate and bask in all that you have but also take a look at what still needs to be done. Don’t forget to Celebrate though! This is also about loving yourself and your community after all.

I’m going to leave it that for now. Simple and short, no bells and whistles or flashing lights. Just a thanks and a bit of inspiration.

Tis the season folks,

Till next time, stay Tobly awesome

I know I will.

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