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Let me start this all by saying that I hate people on my best days. Even when they’re not being total tool bars who deserve to be slapped upside the eardrum, I have a natural distaste for most of them. Now on another note I also maintain an equal respect for all religions. I will joke and poke fun occasionally but when it comes down to it I will fight to the death for your right to your faith. I promise both of these points are related, just maybe in a way you don’t expect.

I’ve had the privilege of growing up with a very spiritual Mother, she is tuned into mother nature and she has a strong sense of spirit or whatever you call it. I may be more of a science kind of guy but I have always maintain a respect for my Mom’s borderline Wiccan beliefs and practice’s. She reads runes, smudges the house, does weird crystal stuff and holds many new age beliefs. I admire her for her ability to lend her faith to something intangible, I could never have the discipline to do such a thing. I tease her about it but really it’s kind of neat and I have learned a lot from her, although I’m still a little lost when it comes down to the specifics of Wicca so you’ll have to forgive me if there is something I haven’t quite grasped the concept of as of yet.

(Hi mom!)

There are people out there who are a lot more dedicated to the Wicca faith than my Mom and they spend a lot of time and effort into their belief system just like any other religion. So why do people hold so little respect for Wicca? Either they’re weird New Age freaks or they’re this seasons new accessory. Go ahead, go into Hot Topic and tell me that isn’t true.

If you have a problem with Urban Planet sticking “Namastay In Bed” on everything (Har har guys….I’m gonna punch you for that pun) then it should equally bother you that they push t-shirts and accessories with Wiccan symbols. This whole “Modern Witch” trend sweeping the nation is doing nothing to help with people’s perceptions of Wicca.

Wearing a Pentagram with a “Hail Satan” shirt and calling it “Modern Witch” while screaming about cultural appropriation is hypocritical. People who do this are just as bad as white girl Becky and her trendy bindi and Boho chic dreadlocks. I am sure if half of these people looked up Wicca or what the symbols on their necklaces meant they wouldn’t be wearing them. Especially since they tend to do it as some sort of “fuck you” to society. (Sorry Mom for the f-bomb)

I hate that a faith based primarily around spirituality and balance has turned into a thing for alternative fashion trenders to exploit. That specific crystal you are wearing around your neck? I have one too. My Mom gave it to me to help me with my decision making and for clear thoughts. Oh and that sassy “Curse you” or “black magic” t-shirt with the pentagram? Yeah, everything you do comes back on you three fold so have fun with that negative magic kiddo.

I’m so sick of people using cultures/faiths they don’t understand to accessorize. Next time I see a girl rocking the modern witch look with Rose Quartz stones hanging around her kneck and a black tank that reads “satan is my boyfriend” I am dragging her all the way back to whichever Hot topic she came from. “Restore your harmony” and get back to me.

Admittedly I enjoy wearing some of the things my mother has taught me about despite not really believing in their actual “powers?”. I enjoy wearing Amethyst, it gives me a sort of placebo effect when it comes to the negativity around me. I know that Wiccans see Amethyst as a sort of cure all for bad feelings and such so my mind feels kind of at peace when I wear it. Like convincing yourself a sugar pill is Advil when you have a headache. I also own a few moon shaped charms and some other Wicca symbols I have seen in my mom’s books. Once again, I like their meaning and in some strange way it makes me feel closer to my family to have them. There is probably some weird psychological reason having something to do with “family acceptance” or other issues of that kind.

I am sure there are people with reasons for yelling at white girls with dreads while they disrespect a pagan based belief system but those people need to check themselves.

OMG what an adorable little tree necklace Becky!

If you’re going to respect cultures and religions you should probably lead by example and respect them all equally. This also goes for you jerks that rag on Christians. Leave them alone, Jesus sounds like he was a cool guy and every religious group has dickbags that try to ruin it for everyone. Looking at you Westboro Baptist Church, looking at you.

In the end this can all be fixed by people just doing a quick search online to learn about the symbols they are messing with, especially when it comes to something on the edge of the spiritual realm. I am sure my Mom’s heart would do backflips if she saw half the things people have wrong about Spiritualism.

So for future reference:

Satanism and Wicca do not mix. Just because you hate the church and want to make Father whats-his-face cringe doesn’t mean you need to go mixing theologies that have nothing to do with eachother. Spiritualism is also not meant to be used as your rebelious spring board.

Don’t mess with Ouija boards. No really. If you do actually believe in this stuff you will stay away. Words of wisdom from Mother dearest. She gots some spooky ghost stories up her sleeve. Related to that my Mom was also advised to stay away from certain forms of fortune reading. She reads tea leaves but she was told not to read tarot cards. Something to maybe read up on if you’re really interested.

Wearing a lot of black and watching American Horror Story Coven doesn’t make you a witch. In all honesty being a witch sounds like a lot of herb memorizing and moon watching, I’m good just using my herbs for spaghetti sauce.

Wiccans are down with mother nature. If you are one of those litterbug “gross, nature” type of people you could never function.

Wiccans are just people.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw my Mom in anything more than a black t-shirt.

Look at how adorable my tiny Mother is! No black lipstick and wide brim hats here folks.

I remember I had a friend in High School who was a full practicing Wiccan. He came to school in jeans and a t-shirt. No fancy wide brim hats or flowing black robes. Just jeans and a t-shirt. Why? Because Wiccans are people.

So to recap. Wearing a moon doesn’t make you a witch and Wiccans are people like you and me. Respect people and their religion and don’t be a dirty hypocrit. Finally, read a book.

Wicca is a fascinating faith and I would highly suggest just learning more if it really interests you that much. Who knows, you may find yourself or something like that. I dunno, give it a shot. My Mom actually read up on a ton of different faiths before she settled on the belief system she has now. Even at that, no one says there is one right way to believe. My mom is more into the personal side of Wicca rather than the theological side. Do whatever you feel is right for you.

Just don’t be a douchebag like Becky with the Bindi and the dreadlocks.

Well that’s all for today folks. Gods speed in whatever you choose to believe, follow your dreams, stay in school and don’t talk to strangers.

Till next time, stay Tobly Awesome

I know I will.

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