Opening the Gender Spectrum

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I’ve touched on gender perceptions before in my post Manly versus being a Man.

I have never had a very concrete view on gender roles, I see them more as a “suggested serving” rather than an actual law or rule. You can suggest that pink is a feminine colour, doesn’t mean I have to agree with you or stop wearing it because I’m a boy. I don’t see why it’s such a terrible idea to view “gender” as a broader concept involving more than just the textbook “male” and “female”.


I like to view the gender spectrum as more of a gradient than anything else. The colours all kind of blend together as you get closer to the middle of the scale but there are still two points that appear to almost be solid colours. I see a lot of people who have an issue with this view and it’s not in the way you would think.

There has been a huge movement online to bring about a genderless social structure and, in many ways, I agree with this movement. I agree that gendered razor’s are stupid and that the idea of women being the “weaker sex” is vastly outdated. I don’t think we need to get rid of separate genders entirely. People can identify with being gender-queer/ genderless or any other form of non-gendered lifestyle and I completely understand and respect their feelings being a trans* individual myself.
I fail to see why Gender has developed into this huge war where you have to pick a side of two extremes. A guy doesn’t have to wear a dress to be considerate towards the concept of being gender-fluid anymore than someone who is gender-fluid needs to pick male or female pronouns. It just this assumption people opposed to more than two genders have sort of developed and it’s just really silly. It also baffles me how involved we all seem to be with the gender of people we don’t even know.

“Are you male or female?” really none of your business. I’m just trying to get myself to work at some ungodly hour of the morning and what I’m packin’ in my pants does not concern you. We will never see each other again and I have no obligation to tell you.
This applies to everyone! How a stranger chooses to represent their gender is up to them and whatever makes them happy and comfortable. Butt out.
Sometimes I feel like slamming my face against a wall would be a more productive use of my time than trying to get my points across. If I just sat by what kind of activist would I be? Which brings us here.

While on the note of being genderfluid, have these people who bitch and complain about “they/them” not being grammatically correct never used slang before? Have they never looked at the evolution of the english language? Go ahead. Read some nice old texts and then get back to me. Language evolves and grows, along with a lot of other things on this Earth. It’s a part of life, get over it and stop being a whiney brat about it.

If these people still won’t adapt then screw ’em. They’ll just get left behind as we all move on to something else.

Like getting a new hobby or taking a vacation. I hear Irelands nice.

I’m not trying to tell everyone to give up on the idea of having two genders, I just want people to realize that there are some people in between as well. Like a magical rainbow gender scale going from 1 to 10.

Respect eachother and respect gender. If Hannah uses they/them pronouns and wants to bind their chest some days but wear a dress others then let Hannah rock it. As long as they’re happy.


Anyway beautiful people, just a short post today for my return to blogging…again.
Life has been busy again, been getting more illustration work and planning a move to the “big city” soon so I’ve had my plate full with very little time for blogging.
If anyone wants to see the gay stuff I have been working on lately just head over to my instagram Toblyshifty and give me a follow. Nothing too exciting, just artwork for an LGBT comic I have been planning to pitch, dumb pictures of my transition progress and pictures of my boyfriends cat.
That’s really all for now, I’ll post when I can but we shall see how the next few weeks play out!
Till next time everyone, stay tobly awesome
I know I will.

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