Oops, things have changed!

Personal Posts

My bad. Or not.

I am happy to announce that toblyawesome.com now belongs to me! I bought it. It’s mine.


So with having this as my main domain I have decided to combine my illustration work and blog posts into one big website. That way I have everything in one place. Having said this I am slowly going through all my old blog posts and using pretty words in certain places.

The major changes are just with the visual layout of the site and the addition of my portfolio section. I think the site looks much cleaner and I think it makes sense to be posting my work up.

Given that I now have a more career focused layout I have decided my blog categories will reflect this. I doubt many people are attached to the category names as they once were but if there is one that is missed please feel free to let me know.

In other news:

You can pretty much assume that anytime I go silent major changes happen in my life.

You assume correctly!

I am now living with Boyfriend and Cat in Toronto and no longer working in the Comic shop. More things have happened but that all comics in good time.

For now, enjoy the changes and I’ll be posting some of my misadventures soon!

Till then stay Tobly Awesome

I know I will.

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