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Hey folks!

I recognize that I haven’t uploaded a HRT update in a while and I am way over due for one! Lot’s of changes so there will be some comparison pictures in this post.

So to begin I would like to state that I am officially 1 year and 9 Months on Testosterone with a dosage of one unit every other week. Once I am over this whole “colposcopy” business then I am planning on getting my levels checked and we will see how we go from there.

As far as I know though, besides the obvious, I am doing well health wise! That’s all boring personal stuff though, you’re all here to know about ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. So, just like last time, I’ll list them out for you;

  1. My voice continues to deepen. I now sound male on the phone and my voice cracks a little bit more depending on the day. My upper register is gone completely. I can try to make a high-pitched voice but it’s just not a thing I can do anymore.
  2. Hair! Lot’s of it! I have to shave frequently, although my facial hair pattern has become the love child of a neck beard and a Micheal Cera moustache. I am also noticing hair on my back as well.
  3. Once again I’m going to get a bit TMI but it’s purely an educational thing. My clitoris has grown, which is pretty cool. I haven’t measured it…yet…
  4. I have lost more weight in my face. I definitely have more of a jaw line although it is still really soft seeing as I was starting out with a pretty round face to begin with.
  5. I’ve calmed down a lot as far as my energy levels go. I use to want to go out dancing, partying and having a crazy night life. Now I just want to chill, watch movies, hang out with friends. I just feel more level.
  6. I’ve lost a lot of curves. If it wasn’t for my hips I would almost be a rectangle. I enjoy this a lot.

Look at my face area! Featuring The Cat’s paw.

I’ve been through a lot of changes lately and I feel better for it but I still have a ways to go. In a few months I’ll be celebrating 2 years on Testosterone and I am so thankfully I have an environment where I have been able to be myself.

I’ve been really lucky to have the support system that I do, and to have family and friends who have accepted me. As we launch into Pride month here in Toronto, I feel as though I couldn’t be in a better place.

In the next few months my goal is to start the process to get my top surgery covered. It’ll take a bit longer but I am willing to handle the wait.

I’ve waited this long, a few extra months won’t kill me.

In the meantime I am finishing up with changing a few last-minute ID’s to my new legal name (Tobias José Medeiros, José after my father).

I’ll keep everyone update as usual on further changes and top surgery progress once I have the chance to talk to my doctor about it.

Till next time, stay Tobly awesome

I know I will.

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