Making 2018 my bitch

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I know I was trying to cut down on my cursing, and I was doing really well (are you proud of me yet mother?), but if the title fits…

I usually avoid New Years resolutions like the plague. I don’t have the discipline to marry myself to anything so binding for an entire year; but this time it feels different.

I’ve done a lot of thinking lately and there are a few things I want to do with my life and I’ve decided that by breaking them down into smaller goals I can actually manage them. Now I know that it’s already the end of January but this whole process has taken me time and a lot of brain power so give me a bit of a break.

So, here they are, Toby’s Steps to Making 2018 His Bitch! (and then possibly continuing these habits into the rest of his life because that would be a good life plan in general)

 Step One: “The best way to become rich is either to earn more or spend less” 

I read this quote in a Bill Nye book recently (Unstoppable. Good book) and it really stuck with me.

A close of friend of mine once asked me in I was “tired of being poor” and, to be honest, I am. I plan to spend less and save more this year. I’ve started a few different saving tactics like the “52 week challenge“;


I plan to also spend less. This isn’t a huge problem seeing as I’m not a big spender to begin with and I tend to scoff at anything over $25 no matter what the item is. I think the only thing that may temp me would be books, but I’m currently working my way through my unread books, my boyfriends books and my friends books so that should keep the obsession at bay for a few months at least.

I’ve set up my savings account to take money out of my checking account every time I use my debit card to withdraw money. It’s also been set up to take $10 every month out of my account.

My goal is to be able to roll in a mini-pool of $5 bills by November of this year. Pics will follow if I succeed.


I will not be swimming in loonies, because “ow”.

Step Two: Start a Schedule

I have apps to help me with this.

Since moving to Toronto my time management has gone down the drain. I am always tired from work and all I want to do is rest (and by rest I mean stare at the wall and worry about life. More on that later) when I get home rather than work on art work or *cough* writing a blog entry. I need something to kick me in the ass and make me want to accomplish goals everyday, but how the hell do I do that? I’ve never had this problem before, so how do I tackle that?

Easy. Achievements.

I have a bad habit of becoming addicted to app games that give you frequent achievement rewards. That’s right folks, my name is Tobias Medeiros and I’m an achievement hunter. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

I decided that if my need to earn achievements could be exploited to make me accomplish simple goals everyday then maybe I could kick myself back into a routine.

This is where my hunt for a productivity app begins! It starts with “Productive”.

That’s the legit name of the app.


I just downloaded it so I am still setting it up and learning about it, but it seems pretty straight forward. You put in what you want to set into your schedule and everyday it reminds you to do it. Once you check it off then it marks you as having it completed. As you can see it keeps track of your “high score” for every task.

It’s simple, it rewards you and it wants you to do good.

I’ve started with really easy tasks like

-draw or paint

-do something active

-study coding

-clear my emails

Done! I made tasks to do. They’re super easy and take little to no effort to do. I don’t have to draw something “good”, I don’t have to run a marathon, studying will only take an hour of my time, and I can clear my emails as I drink my coffee in the morning.

Look at me being a slacker and getting rewarded for it! Hell yeah!


Step Three: Find my “Zen”. Whatever the hell that means…

I need to learn how to chill. I don’t know how to properly relax and I’m at this point in life where I spend more time stressed out than I do breathing air. I’m assuming that’s not a helpful way to go about life.

I have decided that I am going to find something that helps me just clear my head and calm down for once. I’m not sure what that is yet.

Maybe I’ll try meditating. Or go back to drawing things that make me happy…Like Digimon.

Even something as simple as allowing myself to just sit down and enjoy watching a show without feeling like I need to be doing something.

Because, honestly, I’m one electric hair clipper away for 2007 Britney Spears. It would not be a good look on me.


This is the face of a woman who gives no fucks.

And seeing as I am no longer drinking (Long story short: I have a few health updates to fill y’all in on in the near future) I’ll need to find some sort of outlet.

Maybe I’ll just smoke more pot.

Step Four: Attempt not to die before the age of 30

I haven’t been great to my body these past few years, and by “not great”, I mean I have treated it like a dumping ground for alcohol and bad decisions.

For 2018 I need to actually invest in new glasses, get a new doctor and start booking more frequent check ups, finally see a dentist again and try to be more active.

This may all seem like a lot from a guy who didn’t want to make New Years Resolutions but, keep in mind, when I say “Be more active” I don’t mean “Get fit and go to the gym”. Going for walks, jogging, going out dancing, or even doing a few stretches on mornings where I know I’ll be stuck behind my computer screen. These all count.

Baby steps.

Especially when you have a back condition you keep ignoring. Oops.

Step Five: Be Social AF.

My fifth, and final, step is probably the hardest.

I’m an introvert and even going to work can feel like a drain on my very limited social energy level. After the week I feel so tired that I don’t want to even look at another human. I also know that I like people and, once I’m around them, I’m happy. It’s a very delicate balance and, if it’s done wrong, I could either end up tired and stoic in a high energy environment or by myself and sad. I need to pay more attention to mastering this art of balancing my social life and alone time.

Currently, I have more friends than I know what to do with, and this makes me happy. I’m also super stressed because I feel as though I don’t have all the time I want to spend time with them and spend time with myself.

I am nowhere near being accomplished at this, so for now I am just being honest with my friends. I am slowly working my way towards being a functional human but it’ll take some time. Just like with anything, practice makes perfect. Or at least close enough to perfect to keep me from being a lonely hermit.


Lookin’ at you, old man.

There she is! My steps to make 2018 bend over and call me “Daddy”.

Who knows how far I’ll make it this year, or if I’ll even be able to accomplish any of this. You bet your ass I’ll damn well try! I’m just taking things one step at a time and hoping that if I don’t over-do it I won’t burn myself out or get discouraged. Seeing as these are going to become life changes I needed to make extra sure that they would be sustainable.

I’ll allow myself to celebrate little victories, like being able to see street signs again, and I won’t push myself to do tasks I know I can’t complete and, in turn, allow myself to be distracted from the things I am capable of doing.

If I notice this approach isn’t working, then I’ll just switch it up and try to adjust the way I’m seeing things. Who knows what 2018 holds for us but, whatever it is, I hope it holds promise for the years to come.

As always, thanks for reading folks.

Stay Tobly awesome.

I know I will.

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